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[Update]HKNewbieOrProServerUpdate 16/5/2016
unturnedservermanage 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 16th May 2016
Time per feast will be change too 500-600 seconds
Will add zubeknakov to feast [FullChance10%][Chance]4%
Will add Heartbreaker to feast [FullChance10%[Chance]3%
Will add Yuri to feast [FullChance10%][Chance]4%
Will add Low Caliber Ranger Ammunition Box [FullChance10%][Chance]5%
Will add High Caliber Ranger Ammunition Box [FullChance10%][Chance]3%
EagleFire will be remove from feast
Kit heal will change 5 dressing to 2 medkit cooldown change too 500
Kit ammosup will be remove
Kit exp will up to 750 from 500
Kit VIP main weapon dragonfang will change to EagleFire

Update Document file download: ... erver_Updates_1.docx


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