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[Update]HKNewbieOrProServerUpdate 12/5/2016
unturnedservermanage 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 12th May 2016
HKNewbieOrPro Server Update News:
[Server Owner]
Server Owner steam name changed to CrafterGamerHK
Feast will add a Maple strike [spawnchance][10%Full]3%chance
Feast will add Spec Ops Rucksack [SpawnChance][10%Full]3%chance
Feast Alicepack spawning chance because Spec Ops Rucksack are now added so Alicepack spawning chance will downgrade to [SpawnChance][10%Full]2%
Kit newbie [Viper]Changed to [BluntForce]
kit VIP [Snayperskya]MainGun Changed to [Dragonfang]
kit magazine is removed
Server Owner will choose one lucky person to be a VIP in the HKNewbieOrPro
To Join the Event:
Go Subscribe Server Owner youtube channel
Go to add CrafterGamerHK be a steam friend
Go to message CrafterGamerHK :I want to join HKNOPV
After you do that you will add to the list of the lucky person and CrafterGamerHK will random draw one person to be VIP
That all for the update Thanks for supporting the HKNewbieOrPro Server
Please purchase offer and donating to help CrafterGamerHK to pay the server rent
HKNewbieOrPro Server Update Doc download:

12th May 2016 blurryface
thanks :D
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