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I got some suggestions! [READ ME] [OPEN UP ADMINS]
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Joined: 30th Apr 2016
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31st May 2016

I got some few suggestions for all to see.

1. Can you make the kit cooldown a little bit faster so if we die, we dont need to wait for a whole 5 minutes (idk if its 5 minutes) for a new kit to use.

2. Create more kits.

3. And the way to get money there, is hard. So i got an idea.. what about if you kill a player... You get 100 money in game.

4. Add /buy and /sell command

Thats it!. ADMINS! PLEASE!?
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Joined: 27th Mar 2016
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31st May 2016

We update the server content every week and /buy is already added but /sell we will think to add
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